Providing relevant visitor information and a map of the city or town at the point at which it is most valuable is often a major problem for Tourism and Community managers. Manned sales points to counteract vandalism are usually a drain on already depleted resources.

Cityscape Maps has the solution to this problem – a battery driven map or leaflet dispenser capable of providing different city or town map and guides. Our map dispensers have been stringently tested over several years and with the addition of battery power have greater reliability that previous models could not match.

Map Dispenser features are as follows:

  • Variable price settings
  • Easy to operate
  • Rechargeable, motorised document delivery
  • Double lock with 2 locking points for high security
  • Vandal resistant
  • Dispenses various documents with a counter

LEAFLET DISPENSER USES: Maps, booklets, vouchers, country walk visitor guides and historical publications.

Contact us with your dispenser requirements on 01522 530750 or email us